Yearning for permanence, and who wouldn’t?
Longing to believe it will last forever,
But what does? Nothing I know of.

Even the things that seem to stand still
Flow slowly into other forms.

The beloved’s first and only lesson:
Everything that is, becomes.

— Gregory Orr, “Yearning for permanence, and who wouldn’t?” (via litverve)

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"The highly mediated selfie (online self‐portrait) is our digital‐age representation on the online stage. However, once it is uploaded to the internet, we relinquish control over our self‐image. Enabled and encouraged by the devices of the ruling modes of production, others can photograph, tag, download, edit, surveil or trade our image. The carefully constructed online identity becomes subject to any manner of manipulation. Its trace remains forever, vulnerable to appropriation.”

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I find a purposeless universe to be far more inspiring and far less bleak, because it means that the meaning in our lives is the meaning we create. It is not imposed on us by some other entity…The meaning in my life is the meaning I make, and the quality of my life is the quality of my actions.
Seeing myself as an insignificant being in a purposeless universe inspires me to say: I am here for this little bit of time, I should make the most of my existence and make meaning in my life by the meaning of my actions. I find it far more humble to believe that than to assume that the universe was made for me.
— Lawrence Krauss (via whyallcaps)

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